Children's Dentistry



Children are very welcome at Bellarine Dental Lounge. We believe that children benefit from early education into their oral health and will respond with enthusiasm when someone from outside the home reinforces what you, the parent, are teaching them at home. If they can learn to be motivated and self aware of their dental health, they will most likely develop great habits to carry them into the future.

It is often thought that baby teeth are less important and therefore do not need treatment if problems develop. However, baby teeth are needed for proper chewing, speech & jaw muscle development, and if decayed can cause your child much discomfort.

Early awareness and prevention of decay will also have the benefit of reducing the anxiety associated with dental visits, with visits being fun and informative.

We have confident, friendly team members for children’s visits with us, and if you can also relay a positive attitude towards “the dentist”, your child will most likely respond well and even enjoy their visit! We encourage all ages from your precious little ones to your adult children to come to us - your local dentist in Geelong and Drysdale. Great Dentistry. Great Care.