Tooth Whitening


Tooth whitening

We will take an impression of your teeth so that a custom made tray can be constructed that will fit your mouth. This tray holds the bleach close to your teeth and minimizes the bleach contacting your gums.

The trays can also be re-used at a later date if you wish and refills of the bleach product can be purchased.

Some over-the-counter bleach products can be very abrasive, and while they may be effective in the short term, they can damage your teeth in the long term. We do not recommend these products.

Before embarking on a bleaching routine, it is advisable to speak with your dentist. Tooth Whitening, or bleaching, is suitable for healthy undamaged teeth. The natural tooth surface will lighten – fillings and porcelain crowns/veneers/inlays/onlays will not be affected by the bleach product.

People suffering with oral symptoms of some diseases may need an assessment from the dentist before commencing bleaching.