Gum Health & Continuing Care



Gum health is important for retaining the existing teeth and also for overall general health. Gum disease is caused by inadequate cleaning which leaves a buildup of plaque that hardens to become calculus, also known as tartar. Bacteria in the plaque and calculus can cause an early stage of gum disease called Gingivitis. Gingivitis can be successfully treated by removal of the plaque and calculus followed by thorough but gentle cleansing (flossing and brushing each day).

The advanced stage of gum disease is called periodontitis and can cause serious damage to the teeth, gums and the bone that supports the teeth. Periodontitis can result in the loss of teeth.

Your dentist will check for any changes or pocketing of the gums which may indicate disease and discuss any necessary treatments with you.

In order to maintain the health of your gums, continual maintenance involving daily brushing, flossing and regular 6 month checkups is recommended.